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Damarys Farrés

 Damarys is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and researcher of the Cuban and Afro-Cuban culture dance forms and rhythms. These include Salsa, Rumba, Yoruba and Regaetton.


Her passion for her culture and Cuban dance, especially traditional and Afro-Cuban dance, are her main motive for founding The Cuba School of Arts - The Home of Cuban Arts in the UK.


Qualifications in UK

 She is a UK Cuban Salsa Champion, UKA qualified licensed dance teacher and has a BA (Hon) Dance Studies.

She is a Member of ADAD and Dance-UK, and has been nominated one of the best female Cuban dancers and teachers in the UK, and crowned the Queen of Rumba and Afro-Cuban dances.

Her style

Damarys is highly acclaimed in UK as well as worldwide for her charisma and her infectious energy. She is renowned for her knowledge and passion for the Cuban and Afro-Cuban culture, dance forms and her femininity.

She has a unique dancing style, choreography, artistic direction and teaching, which owes much to her broad background in dance. This includes classical ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, reggaetton, traditional and popular Cuban styles, folk dances, Salsa, as well as other Latin, modern and Afro-Cuban dances.


Damarys continues integrating her work at every trip to Cuba. She takes her experiences and promotes them everywhere she goes.  

Her passion and love for Cuban culture and all kinds of dance are manifested in everything she does.

It has been said that 'Damarys is a unique dancer, who captures the soul and spirit of Cuba in her dancing. Damarys affects everybody with her vital energy, passion and happiness!'



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